Warranty & Refund Policy - Smartfonerepairs

Warranty & Refund Policy

Every mobile screen repaired or replaced by SmartFoneRepairs comes with a 3-month warranty. 

In addition, we provide 3 months warranty on all the other spare parts that we replace:

3-month warranty period includes:

  1. A screen/LCD that does not function as it is designed.
  2. Display issues that are related to the quality of the screen, specifically touch problems.
  3. Any other spare parts that our technician replaces. 

How do I claim my warranty?

In order to claim your warranty, please email us at info@smartfonerepairs.com.au with the service details and the invoice you received at the time of repair. 

How long will it take SmartFoneRepairs to resolve my issue if it is under warranty?

Our team will respond within 24 hours after sending us a query. You will get acknowledgment over mail for your query, and your issue will be sorted as soon as possible.

The warranty won’t apply in the following situations:

Refund Policy: