Privacy Policy

What type of data do we collect from you?

Generally, we collect data from the customer directly. Personally collected data may comprise of:

You are not forced to give us such information, but if you are not willing to provide us the required information, we may be unable to offer your required services.

We also get online information about you while visiting our sites and blogs, including your visited pages, your clicked hyperlinks, and other actions that you have taken on the Smart Fone Repairs website. This all data is helpful for us to determine your hidden interests in our website, our products, and our services.

How do we use your personal information?

Your personal information that you use to access us, we will never disclose or share with others. We consider it our official secret data and is only accessible to our company specified personnel. We use your personal information to give you reminders, updates, or other necessary information during the service.

Smart Fone Repairs may use your information to optimize the user experience. We collect your cookies’ information and help you access better products and services in which you are interested and searching. Most websites use cookie data to enhance the visitor interest in their business according to their interest.

When you give us feedback, reviews, or even complaints, we consider your words to configure the best possible way to provide you with information, products, and services regarding our business. These feedback or review points tell us how to create a user-friendly interface. It will guide us to improve our products and Smart Fone Repairs services.

We may disclose your personal information to those authorities who demand it for some advertisement and marketing purpose under the law of execution. Most of the email marketing and messaging marketing techniques allow the user to unsubscribe from the advertisement approach. So it depends on you to enable them to approach you on each update or block or unsubscribe them to send you emails or messages next time.

Similarly, if Smart Fone Repairs access your email or contact number to give you information about any new product or service, it will also allow you to opt for it for future ping.

Device Data Security:

Smart Fone Repairs does not take responsibility for your device data security while you come to get repairing and replacement services. Liquid/Water damage devices mostly lose their data. Although we take necessary precautions to secure the device data, it is not promised that we will surely secure the data.

Smart Fone Repairs considers feedback and reviews beneficial if young profiles give them. We do not use cookies that belong to children’s profiles. Minority data is always problematic. Similarly, we do not redirect the services and product suggestions to children’s profiles.

Changes to Privacy Policy:

Smart Fone Repairs is an emerging company in repairing services, so that we will update privacy statements occasionally.