Data Recovery

Data Recovery

At Smartfonerepairs in Sydney, you can set up a data backup system to save all your essential information to your mobile, tablet or iPad.

Electronic devices crash without warning if you can’t live without all of your valuable data. You suddenly find that essential family photos, business documents, financial information, and anything else you use daily have disappeared. A daily backup might be a good idea that works. 

It’s good to know that you can protect your important data. Whether you have lost all your data or you’re preparing to prevent it in the future, we can help you in Sydney.

Our data recovery services range from minor data access problems to significant, complete hard drive failures. Besides offering you preventative advice to prevent future issues, we are equipped with advanced tools and techniques to assist you in recovering your valuable data. All major operating systems and nearly all types and brands of standard storage media can be retrieved using our services at Smartfonerepairs.

Let us help you with your data recovery

    In addition to data recovery services, we offer several different solutions to assist you in backing up your data. Whether you are looking for an online storage area network for your mission-critical business data or a backup of your home photos, we can help.

    In addition, we provide free device checks where you bring your device in. We’ll have a quick look at it, give an idea of the most likely issue, estimate the cost of retrieving your data, and any other relevant information. You can also send your items in via Australia Post or a courier service if you cannot visit our service center.

    Get in touch with our data recovery service center and let us know how to help you. You can also view our whole opening and location details on our Contact Us page, and you can book a job online.

    Book your appointment and get a free quote for the repair services at Smartfonerepairs in Sydney.

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    Have you accidentally deleted messages or contacts on your Android device? The Smartfonerepairs service can restore messages, contacts, photos, and videos. You can easily and quickly recover your data in Sydney.

    We can schedule regular, automated backups for your external hard drive using our backup software. Additionally, we recommend pairing an external hard drive with cloud storage. This will ensure your data is fully protected.

    Backing up your data can help you avoid losing important files. We can set up manual and automated backups for your Mac, PC, iPhone, and iPad.

    We will offer you a solution based on your budget and needs that we think is most appropriate for you.


    For the customer’s peace of mind, we offer a 90 days warranty on our mobile phone repairs. Consequently, you can rest assured that our technicians use only the original or OEM parts for replacement and follow strict quality control rules. We are centrally located for mobile phone repairs in Sydney 1/350 Kingsway, Caringbah NSW 2229.


    Our mobile phone repair services include everything from replacing cracked/smashed screens to fixing low battery life/powering defects, battery replacement, fixing camera & lens problems, button repairs, headphone jack repairs, camera repairs, and back panel replacement. We also offer solutions for signal and sound problems, as well as water damage. Apart from various types of phone repairs, we also provide a comprehensive range of software fixes.

    Having years of experience with mobile phone repairs allows us to accurately diagnose problems and fix issues in the shortest amount of time. In this manner, we save time, and you save money. As a result, Smart Fone Repairs has an enviable reputation for offering the best price mobile phone repairs in Sydney, New South Wales.