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Sony Mobile Screen Replacement Sydney

For those of you who are experiencing damage to the Sony phone and live in the Sydney area. If you need Sony Repair sydeny Services. You can repair your Sony phone with us. SmartFoneRepairs  is one of the Best repair shops in the Sydney area.

Most Common Sony Phone Repairs Services:

Sony Screen Repairs:

The problem most often encountered by users of Sony phones is a broken screen. The most common thing is that the user will damage the screen if they are not careful or drop their Sony phone. If it is too harsh, the image will not be visible on the screen. You should not be concerned if you encounter this issue. It is recommended that the original LCD screen be used to replace the Sony phone LCD screen so that the LCD screen returns to normal. You do not need to purchase a new phone in this scenario. The expected time of repair is 45 minutes.

Sony Battery Replacement

If the Sony battery has issues in general, the battery life will be limited. If the battery is in poor condition, it may damage. If you notice damage like this, you should replace the battery immediately. Don’t wait any longer; it’s really risky. damaged batteries can cause explosions; Sony battery replacement is estimated to take 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Sony Charging Port Replacement

If your Sony phone can’t charge, there is general damage to the charging port. usually caused due to dust clumping, splashing water, or using a non-original charger so that there is an inappropriate distribution of power. if that happens and charging your port has been damaged, then your Sony phone can no longer be charged. Estimated Sony phone repairs for charging ports are approximately 45-mint.

Sony Back Glass Replacement

Most of the latest Sony phones have a rear battery cover made of glass. Thus, causing a risk for users who are not careful and accidentally drop it will cause cracks. Estimated Sony repairs for back glass replacement are approximately 45- minutes.

Sony phone water Damage Repairs:

Our experts are next to none in conducting Sony water damage repairs in Sydney. They will adopt the safest procedure and keep the circuits and other internal components as intact and untouched as they can be.

SmarFoneRepairs has two option

Book online and visit store

for those of you who live in Sydney or surrounding areas. You can make an appointment online and come to the store.

Mail-in -services

We accept Mail in repair service, you just send your Sony Phone to us, after we repair it, we will send it back to you in just 72 hours.