Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Review in 2022 (smartfonerepairs)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Review in 2022

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has finally arrived in 2019, so it’s time to take a closer look at this popular smartphone in 22. It’s larger than previous models and also has an updated S Pen design, as well as new software and hardware features that are sure to be popular with users of all experience levels. If you have any questions about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, this article is going to be very interesting for all the buyers and Samsung galaxy phone fans.

Design & Ergonomics

The phone’s screen-to-body ratio is currently one of its strongest selling points. In our testing, we haven’t found any problems with getting fingerprints on its display. The device is comfortable to hold as well, considering it’s just as large (if not larger) than most phones that are considered normal these days. We also like how Samsung has implemented a USB Type-C port at the bottom, which means you won’t have to worry about carrying around an adapter for your existing cables.

Software & Performance

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU, which is paired with 6GB or 8GB of RAM and 128GB or 512GB of storage. This is a very high-powered processor, and it should keep your phone running smoothly for years to come. The built-in storage is a bit on the low side; we’d recommend opting for one of two models with more memory. However, there is a microSD card slot that can be used to expand your memory by up to 1TB.

Camera & Imaging

The smartphone’s triple-lens setup features a 12MP wide-angle lens, a 16MP ultra-wide lens, and a 12MP telephoto lens. These three lenses take stunning photos no matter how you choose to shoot. With its Samsung Lens Adaptation technology, it detects what you’re trying to capture, automatically switching between lenses in an instant. The company claims that users will see crisp and vibrant images regardless of how close or far they are from their subject. If you want something even more unique, try out Live Focus mode for some artsy shots with blurred backgrounds. This feature makes use of all three cameras on your phone to create unique shots with a shallow depth of field effect. It works best when taking pictures of people or objects up close and can add some cool effects to landscapes as well. You can also record video in super slow motion at 960 frames per second if that’s your thing. If not, there are also 4K video recording capabilities for those who prefer higher quality videos than normal HD ones.

Battery Life & Charging Speed

Battery life is one of those things you don’t appreciate until it’s gone. Do you think I need to plug in my phone? It has 30% battery left. Probably safe. With Samsung’s Fast Charging technology, that day is over. In less than an hour, your device will be charged up and ready to go again. The built-in wireless charging pad provides fast charging speeds without having to remove your case. And even if you forget to charge overnight, there’s still a micro-USB port on board for a speedy charge whenever needed. The 6300 mAh battery means you can watch movies all day long or play games for hours without worrying about losing power. And with fast charging capabilities and wireless charging support, keeping your phone fully charged is easier than ever before!

DeX mode, S Pen & Accessories

A great feature of Samsung smartphones is DeX mode. While using a Samsung smartphone in DeX mode, you can use your phone as a computer or laptop. You can connect your keyboard and mouse to your phone, connect it to a TV screen, share one monitor with two screens, and so on. The S Pen is very helpful when it comes to working on documents, slides, apps, and more. If you’re an artist, then you can do professional drawings as well with it. In addition to that, there are also many accessories available for Samsung devices that help you change your device faster, protect it from water damage, and so on.


If you own any Galaxy S10, especially the Galaxy S10 Plus, then the Note 10 is not for you as you will be trading up only for minor improvements.

If you, however, have been holding out from the Note 8 or the Galaxy S8, then you definitely should upgrade as it will be more than worth it. The new Note 10 will appeal in every way to hardened Note fans.

Overall, the phone is a powerhouse with a large display and a massive battery. It’s a power user’s dream come true. Samsung has used the lessons of the past and culminated them into one grand device that is the Note 10 Plus.

So if you have been waiting as indicated above, now is the time to buy. If you have a newer device, don’t upgrade unless you need the Note features such as the S-Pen.Need any help regarding your Samsung phone replacement? SmartFoneRepairs is here to help you to repair your device and look at them as a new one.