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Common Repairs

Most Common Repair Services

Mobile Screen Replacement

Smartfonerepairs’ techies have the expertise to fix all major brands of mobile phones at our store and offer quick repairs for all types of mobile phones in Sydney. You can trust our mobile phone repair services to get you back on the road quickly regardless of whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Motorola, OPPO, LG, HTC, or Xiaomi. You can come to have any physical or software repair from screen replacement to a battery replacement, port repair, button repair, camera/lens replacement, headphone/speaker repair, rear glass repair, reception issues, software upgrade problems, and liquid damage repair as well as software malfunctions. Our three-month warranty for mobile phone repairs ensures customer satisfaction, so you can rest assured we will only use OEM quality parts, and all repairs will pass strict quality standards. Smartfonerepairs is centrally located for mobile phone repairs in Sydney Caringbah at  1/350 Kingsway, Caringbah NSW 2229, Australia.

Mobile battery replacement

It may have happened to you that your iPhone battery is dying more quickly than ever. A possibility is that it stopped turning on entirely or only turned on when it was connected. These signs indicate that the battery is dilapidated. It might not bother you if your battery dies. But Li-ion batteries, on the other hand, become inflatable with time and are therefore not repairable. An inflated battery can damage the mobile itself by pushing the screen, resulting in a screen break or cracked rear. Whenever your battery runs out, we recommend you visit Smartfonerepairs for a battery replacement to prevent any significant issues.

iPad Screen replacement

The iPad screen allows you to enjoy each feature; if it does not work or display anything, you cannot appreciate its features. You can explore the world on it, and do basic computing tasks while on the go, and you won’t have to carry bulky laptops or sit in front of PCs for hours. Using a gadget can be convenient, but it can also cause problems if the iPad is physically damaged or if the software is damaged. How will you cope if your iPad is damaged or breaks? An instant solution is needed to fix the problem. It will not take you long to find out that we at Smartfonerepairs offer the best iPad repair service in your area. Our iPad repair business has been in operation for a long time, and we have served thousands of customers. Our expert technicians have successfully repaired broken screens, power buttons, home buttons, and accidental liquid spill damage.

iPad Battery Replacement

You can’t do computing tasks or browse on an iPad; if its battery does not hold a charge for enough time. You can’t even play games or watch videos on it. So, in the case of battery or charging issues, you can visit us to have a quick and quality battery replacement for your precious iPad. We use original or OEM quality replacement parts that are backed up with a three-month warranty.

Charging Port Replacement

If your mobile, laptop, or tablet needs charge port repair, Smartfonerepairs technicians can help you. We all know how irksome it may be to charge our phones and then come back to find out that they haven’t charged. There’s nothing worse than this. Based on the facts, you can determine the number of reasons. Many factors may cause not charging the device.

You can turn to us for a wide range of mobile phone charging, battery, or charging port-related issues, as well as dealing with water damage repairs. We also offer comprehensive mobile phone repairs, so we can fix your phone’s software problems as well.

Liquid / Water Damage

Things can go wrong at any time, so it can be frustrating to drop something important in a liquid, such as our mobile or laptops. In this era, our life depends on mobile phones as it is our means of communication both with work and family. Our handy devices have become part of our lives to explore the world, watch videos/movies, and capture moments on camera. Data loss is one of the main concerns of people who experience water damage. In the event you spill water on your phone/tablet/water or fall into a pool or water, Smartfonerepairs technicians are always there for you, having years of experience in fixing water-damaged devices.

Micro Soldering Logic Boards

The logic board/motherboard in mobile phones, tablets, or laptops, comprises thousands of tiny parts that can damage easily while getting in touch with liquid or can wear out with time or may burn. Smartfonerepairs should be your first choice in Sydney while you are facing such a problem. Our knowledgeable and qualified techies will assist you and deliver you a quick and quality fix on the same day. Micro Soldering is one of the skills that we have mastered as a result of our years of experience in Phone and computer repairs. You can find us to fix the backlight IC, the touch IC, and the charging IC, among others. Since we have years of experience repairing mobile phones, we can quickly identify what caused the problem and fix it in the shortest amount of time. In this era, time is equal to money. Our mobile phone repair service saves you time and money. As a result, Smartfonerepairs has an enviable reputation for offering Sydney’s best-priced mobile phone repairs.